More chances with lottery systems

Play more chances as a betting syndicate with lottery systems

More chances with lottery systems. That is our motto. Basically, we are a large lottery syndicate that offers you a wide range of opportunities to participate. In addition, the lottery systems at DLC are a favourable alternative to your own lottery ticket. And don't forget: you usually improve your chances of winning 60-fold with lottery systems at DLC.

How to increase your chances of winning by a factor of 60

A simple example: In German Lotto 6/49, you can pick just five lottery lines for €6.00. In contrast, with the DLC system TOP300 for €5.90 you are involved in a sensational 300 picks/lottery lines. This means you benefit from 60 times more picks in German Lotto 6/49 without paying more. And participating in 60 times more picks means increasing your chances of winning by a factor of 60.


Place your bets with lottery systems in the syndicate

The advantage of a lottery system in a syndicate is obvious: a wider range than just six numbers is covered and systematically distributed across many lines. Fact is that the more picks you have in the game, the more likely you are to win!


Improve your chances of winning the lottery with the system TOP300

Your chances of winning and participating:
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